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  • Representation of individuals and legal entities
  • Cancellation and settlement of a co-ownership arrangements (elaboration of contracts, consultations for contracts,  cancellations of co-ownerships, settlements of co-ownerships, representation in proceedings) under the civil law
  • Ensuring of obligations, lien contracts, guarantees, security of transfer of rights etc. under the civil law
  • Invalidity of unilateral legal acts (invalid notices, wills, disinheritances) and bilateral acts (contracts, agreements)
  • Responsibility for damage and unjust enrichments (presentments, representation) under the civil law
  • Preservation of property rights under the civil law
  • Adverse possession of properties and movables (presentments, representation)
  • Successions (legal advices, wills, deed of disinheritance, the law of succession and the resulting claims, presentments, representation in succession actions)
  • Consumer protection under the Civil Code and Law  No. 250/2007 Collection of Laws of consumer protection
  • Protection of the individual (presentments to waive the infringement, elimination of the consequences, compensation of non-economic damages in cash)
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings